Device management 101: IoT device management

How we can effectively commission, monitor, and detect problems in the “Things” of the – our nodes and devices – throughout their lifecycle? Join us on March 23 at 11 a.m. EDT for the third and final class of Embedded University’s 101 series, entitled “IoT Device Management,” where we will look at methods for adding device management capabilities in our devices from the design stage as well as ways to add these capabilities to legacy devices.

The class, led by Charles J. Lord, PE, President and Chief Trainer at Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation, will cover effective commissioning and decommissioning of devices in the network, security assurance and testing, and maintenance. Participants will learn how to add or remove a node from the network without adversely impacting the rest of the network, how to test devices or paths within the network, and how to effectively and safely perform system updates.

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