Microchip’s digital serial number tracking

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Imagine free, extra bits buried in your EEPROM that hold a tracking number that can identify every system you ever ship. We did. All of our Serial Number (“CS” series) EEPROMs come with either 64 or 128... Continued...

Cybersecurity for Automobiles: BlackBerry’s 7-Pillar Recommendation

Date: February 1, 2pm ET
Sponsored by: BlackBerry QNX

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Domain experts take on data science

Seth Deland, MathWorks

In 2018, businesses will continue to look to integrate insights derived from big data into their products, services, and operations. However, not all businesses are fortunate enough to employ a data scientist. For t... Continued...

Pixus Offers Labeling Strips for Board Ejector Handles

ECD Staff

  Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, now provides optional identification strips for its Type I, II, and IV injector ejector handles. The la... Continued...

Designing optimized microphone beamformers

Paul Beckmann, DSP Concepts

Beamforming is the processing of signals from multiple omnidirectional microphones to focus on the sound coming from the direction of the most prominent source (i.e., the user’s voice) and disregard sounds com... Continued...

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