Developing for autonomous driving is hard – really hard

Rich Nass

Lots of people are talking about autonomous driving, but the number of people actually developing systems around it is relatively small. There are many reasons for this; some have to do with liability issues and som... Continued...

IoT Development Kit Guide
Help for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) design engineers to efficiently identify evaluation kits for system prototyping.

CEVA Introduces ClearVox Advanced Software for Voice-Enabled Devices

ECD Staff

CEVA introduced ClearVox, a software suite of advanced voice input processing algorithms aimed at enhancing speech intelligibility and voice clarity for voice-enabled devices. ClearVox is licensed exclusively for th... Continued...

VIA Announces Solution for Wireless Home Security and Video Monitoring

ECD Staff

VIA Technologies announced the launch of the VPai Home Turnkey Solution for Wireless Home Security and Video Monitoring Systems. The platform accelerates the product development time for companies targeting the... Continued...

Microchip’s digital serial number tracking

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Imagine free, extra bits buried in your EEPROM that hold a tracking number that can identify every system you ever ship. We did. All of our Serial Number (“CS” series) EEPROMs come with either 64 or 128... Continued...

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