CES 2018: Smart Home Network Convergence Centers Around Wi-Fi

Brandon Lewis

Since its inception, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been plagued by an overabundance of competing networking standards. This is one possible explanation for slower-than-expected growth in the smart home market, wh... Continued...

Panel Discussion: Cyber Security: It Starts with the Embedded System, Part II

Date: January 24, 2018 2pm EST
Sponsored by: LDRA, RTI, Wind River, WinSystems

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Moortec announces their embedded in-chip monitoring subsystem on TSMC 12FFC

ECD Staff

Moortec has announced the availability of their Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) monitoring IP, an embedded monitoring subsystem on TSMC’s 12nm FinFET Compact process technology (FFC). The PVT IP is desi... Continued...

A powerful phone

Colin Walls, Mentor Graphics

Power is an issue in embedded system design, both for hardware and software designers. The issue will not be going away in the near future. If you are not tasked with designing in power management on your current pr... Continued...

CES 2018: Infineon TPMs Bring Trust (to the Smart) Home

Brandon Lewis

Connected consumer devices continue to be hacked, leaving smart home OEMs scrambling to preserve their reputations and smart home consumers lacking trust.    To reestablish that trust in the smart home, ... Continued...

The Future of FreeRTOS

Andrew Longhurst, Wittenstein

Just over a month ago, it was announced that FreeRTOS is being stewarded by Amazon Web Services (AWS), who have added a host of new features to the FreeRTOS kernel. The result is Amazon FreeRTOS, or a:FreeRTOS. I su... Continued...

Now is the time for eFPGA technology

Anil Parchuri, QuickLogic and Rakesh Jain, Mentor, a Siemens business

Embedded FPGA (eFPGA) technology is not a new idea. In fact, it has been implemented in various forms for several decades. So why is it suddenly getting so much attention? The answer lies at the intersection of two ... Continued...

Everything you need to get your design powered-up

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Microchip’s digital power design suite includes the Digital Compensation Design Tool (DCDT), MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC), Microchip compensator libraries, and design examples. These four components of ... Continued...

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