GLF’s ultra-low-power battery protection IC targets wearables and small IoT devices

Jamie Leland

Applications for wearable and smaller IoT battery powered devices are expanding rapidly and market forces continue to demand more features and longer battery life at a lower cost – meanwhile, the semiconductor... Continued...

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Saelig Introduces RSA5000 3.2/6.5GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

ECD Staff

Rigol RSA5000 realtime Spectrum Analyzers from Saelig Saelig has announced the availability of the Rigol Technologies RSA5000 Series of RF spectrum analyzers. These real-time devices scan... Continued...

Microchip’s ATECC608A secure element and Partner Program aid in security

Rich Nass

Security, security, security. We hear about the need for it in just about every discussion with developers. Does it get implemented? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But in most cases, it’s not the fault of the... Continued...

MCUs from TI sense flow rate

Rich Nass

Yup, there’s an MCU for just about everything. Case in point, the MSP430FR6xx family of ultrasonic sensing and measurement SoCs are optimized for water and heat meters. As part of the Texas Instruments’ ... Continued...

Renice releases 6U VPX heterogenous acceleration system

ECD Staff

  This VPX acceleration system from Renice is designed to satisfy the customer needs for building heterogeneous accelerated computing platforms based on OpenVPX. The system uses ... Continued...

AAEON releases advanced COM Express Type 10 module

Jamie Leland

AAEON has launched the NANOCOM-KBU, a COM Express Type 10 board with onboard 4GB DDR4 memory and a graphics engine that supports 4K applications, powered by a 7th Gen Intel Core U Processor. The NANOCOM-KBU has an e... Continued...

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