Key design considerations for in-car wireless charging

Majeed Ahmed, Automotive Contributor

In-car wireless charging is growing in popularity, and the sense of urgency to develop viable solutions in this area was palpable on the CES 2018 show floor. There, chipmakers like Infineon and ON Semiconductor unve... Continued...

Security is Paramount in Medical

Sponsored by: LDRA, Wittenstein
Date: April 10, 2018 2pm EDT

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0402-sized ceramic chip inductors provide Q factors up to 162 at 2.4 GHz

Jamie Leland

Coilcraft has released its 0402DC Series ceramic wirewound chip inductors, which offers Q factors up to 162 at 2.4 GHz in an 0402 (1005) size for low loss in high frequency circuits, ideal for impedance matching cir... Continued...

Spectre and Meltdown: A new breed of vulnerability

Curt Schwaderer

The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities have caused a big wave in the electronics industry as of late. What’s interesting about this vulnerability is that it takes advantage of microprocessor behavior –... Continued...

DICE offers enhanced security and unique device identification

Dennis Mattoon, Microsoft Research

With the prevalence of connected devices, especially in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, embedded systems designers increasingly must contend with the types of trust and security issues that computing systems ... Continued...

Littelfuse over-temperature protection device handles higher currents in a small package

Jamie Leland

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the MHP-TAT18 Metal Hybrid PPTC Battery Mini-Breaker with resettable Thermal Cut-Off (TCO), an over-temperature protection device with a 9VDC rating. The device is designed to help me... Continued...

UL accepts HARTING Technology Group into Client Test Data Program

Jamie Leland

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has granted HARTING Technology Group approval and license for its Client Test Data Program. The Client Test Data program allows HARTING to test products in its own in-house test la... Continued...

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