Human augmentation could make super humans a reality

Khusro Khan, Xpodence Research

Human augmentation, or human 2.0, is usually used to denote technologies that enhance human efficiency or capability, often in the form of implants or wearables. Within the greater group of human augmentation techno... Continued...

The New In-Vehicle UI

Sponsored by: National Instruments
Date: February 22, 2018 2pm EST

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HBM2 powers the next generation of high bandwidth applications

Rich Nass

Image courtesy of Open-Silicon Recent advances in HBM2 are setting the stage for new uses cases in high bandwidth applications. Not only can HBM2 achieve faster data rates across more channels, which equates to hig... Continued...

PowerVR CLDNN API enables developers to create CNNs on GPUs 

Jamie Leland

Imagination Technologies has announced its first PowerVR CLDNN SDK for developing neural network applications on PowerVR GPUs. The neural network SDK enables developers to create Convolutional Neural ... Continued...

RISC-V processor trace IP released by UltraSoC

ECD Staff

UltraSoC has announced general availability of its RISC-V processor trace solution. Processor trace functionality allows the behavior of a program to be viewed in detail, instruction-by-instruction, and is a key req... Continued...

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