Open security for IoT

Kevin McDermott, Director of IoT Segment Marketing, Imagination Technologies

Let’s put aside the hype that’s been dogging the IoT market. I know that those billions of predicted IoT devices haven’t hit the shelves yet. But if we focus on just that, we’re missing the real story. The IoT wave is indeed happening—not yet in the end markets as expected, but in design houses and [...] Continued...

Monetizing IoT - Show me the Money
Sponsored by: Gemalto
April 7, 11am ET

Ray Zinn: Recover from your mistakes, or else

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

In this week’s spot with Ray Zinn, former longtime CEO of Micrel, we talk about mistakes that people have made (including from Ray himself). People make mistakes all the time. It’s how you recover from those mistakes that will determine your success. [youtube=] Continued...

Has Microsoft forgotten about embedded?

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

It’s fair to say that nowadays, what most consider to be “embedded” has shifted. Previously synonymous with SBCs, HMIs, and small form factor industrial PCs, the shift in interpretation has moved from board-level product (and associated complete solutions) closer to the component level. IoT endpoint devices using few but highly advanced components are what embedded [...] Continued...

Pack smart if you want GUIs on cheap hardware

Jason Williamson, Altia

I was talking to a medical device engineering manager the other day and, though I wasn’t sure why, we just weren’t seeing eye to eye. I was telling him that he really needs to invest more to get the GUI he was describing onto the low-end processor he wanted to use for an infusion product. [...] Continued...

How software quality threatens the success of the Internet of Things

Paul Anderson GrammaTech

The Nest is a highly innovative, electronic smart home thermostat manufactured by Alphabet (formerly Google). It is by all accounts a well-designed device, replacing a traditional home thermostat and improving on it enormously by learning the habits of its users and adapting its settings in order to conserve energy. Its motion detectors notice when no [...] Continued...

Watson cognitive computing brings new thinking to IoT data analytics

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

  Reducing data in the data center has been a mentality in the past, but the Internet of Things (IoT) demands more, more, and more still. Withholding information from analytics systems is in essence selling IoT systems short; actively seeking it, on the other hand, invites challenges perhaps never-before-seen by even the most seasoned data [...] Continued...

Obscure is not a synonym for secure

Mike Rohrmoser, Digi International

Many medical and industrial embedded devices have traditionally not been considered overly security aware. That’s mostly due to the fact that the technology used to build the devices was relatively advanced or obscure, and certainly not something that any random Joe off the street would be able to hack. The fact is, though, that embedded [...] Continued...

Five Minutes With...Georges Karam, President and CEO, Sequans Communications

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

Sequans is in the IoT space, which comes as no surprise because it seems like every vendor makes that claim. Sequans is a little different because it’s attempting to connect users through LTE technology. I thought that was a little strange, but not after hearing an explanation from Georges Karam, President and CEO, Sequans Communications. [...] Continued...

Sensuron releases Summit, a FOS platform that consolidates multiple measurement technologies

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

Sensuron, a company that specializes in fiber-optic sensing (FOS) systems, recently released its Summit product (Figure 1). Sensuron claims that this is the first FOS platform to provide fully distributed sensing with the ability to combine multiple measurement technologies into one platform. With comprehensive and real-time access to data, engineers are better equipped to detect [...] Continued...

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