PCIe in the connected car

Micha Risling, Valens

Electronics are conquering our lives—our homes, offices, and cars increasingly rely on electronic components to provide the services and experiences we’ve come to expect. Since the introduction of the se... Continued...

Painlessly Add a Graphic HMI

Sponsored by: Serious Integrated, LXD

How many systems are there in the IoT

Gene Frantz, Octavo Systems

This is part three of a series. Read part two here. What I find interesting about the concept of IoT is that it is a system of systems.  An interesting question to answer is just how many systems make up ... Continued...

Digital isolators can be used in intrinsic safety applications

Mark Cantrell, Analog Devices

Designers of intrinsic safety (IS) equipment know the challenges of getting signals in and out of your equipment. New technologies are available that have tantalizing properties that would make a design smaller, sim... Continued...

Rugged 10 GbE infrastructure equipment

Brandon Aumiller, congatec

The new COM Express Type 7 specification defines high-end server-on-modules that support multiple 10 GbE connections. The modules simplify and optimize the design of infrastructure equipment in rugged environme... Continued...

Want to engineer the latest and greatest smart home? Start here.

Avnet Inc

The IQ of the average home is on the rise. It used to be that a piece of electric machinery made you cutting edge. Now, rather than just collecting data, machine learning will help smart devices derive insights from... Continued...

Filling the data scientist gap, part 3: Challenges and solutions for the road ahead

Seth Deland, MathWorks

Enabling domain experts to perform data science has obvious benefits to the business. However, this is not something that happens overnight. As organizations begin to put data analytics tools in the hands of their d... Continued...

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