National Instruments platforms and tools evolve for IIoT developers of all skill levels

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

Almost 31 years ago National Instruments (NI) introduced LabVIEW , one of the first visual programming languages and design environments for system development. As Jeff Kodosky, a co-founder, technology fellow, and the “father of LabVIEW” at NI explained at this week’s NIWeek in Austin, TX, “In the beginning, we were just aiming to help engineers automate their testing.” Today LabVIEW is used in the creation of not only test automation systems, but also data acquisition, signal processing, control, and embedded applications across many industries.…Continued...

High Precision and Accurate Sensing at Any Flow Rate
Sponsored by: Texas Instruments
June 27, 2pm ET

The impacts of early-stage design

Peter Thorne, Cambashi Ltd.

Early-stage design decisions have big impacts, especially those that involve layout, material choice, make-or-buy, initial subsystems definition, and production methods. These choices form the framework for the rest of the project, and so have a direct impact on costs, successes, and potential problems. Software tools that support better early stage design decisions offer big ROI potential.

Five Minutes With… Geoff Tate, Co-founder/CEO, Flex Logix

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

FPGA technology has been around for eons (well Silicon Valley eons anyway). But lately, the embedded version of that technology is moving to the forefront. In a nutshell, an embedded FPGA is programmable IP that gets embedded into an SoC. Sounds simple, and looks like it can have lots of benefits (and it does). But obviously, there are places where it doesn’t make sense. That was the crux of the discussion I had with Geoff Tate, Co-founder and CEO of Flex Logix in this…Continued...

Making the leap from Arduino to Raspberry Pi: Initial use experience

Jeremy Cook, Engineering Consultant

As mentioned in my last article , I have a decent amount of experience with Arduino boards, and quite a bit more with industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs), but until now I haven’t actually sunk my teeth into the Raspberry Pi. Now that I have one of these boards, it was time to actually give it a try. Initial challenges: Hardware setup Although the Raspberry Pi 3 is impressive, with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities, and GPIO pins, what is on the…Continued...

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