Don’t Let the IoT Botnets Disrupt Your Embedded System

Rudy Ramos, Mouser Electronics

With the expectation that within just a few years the number of deployed IoT nodes will be measured in many tens of billions, ensuring that sufficient security is installed represents a challenge of genuinely huge p... Continued...

Embedded Servers Move to the Edge

Sponsored by: Intel, Davra, Kontron
Date: August 21, 2pm ET

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Device: Test Thyself

Colin Walls, Mentor Graphics, Embedded Division

Stuff breaks. Things go wrong. The less polite epithet is: **** happens. Whatever word you use, it’s a fact that we live in an imperfect world. In an embedded system, there are many opportunities for failure. ... Continued...

Five minutes with ... John Wall, QNX

Rich Nass

When it comes to autonomous vehicles, there are followers and there are leaders. QNX, a subsidiary of Blackberry, believes it falls into the latter class. To understand why, but more importantly to get the lay of th... Continued...

Beyond IoT

Gene Frantz, Octavo Systems

This is part eighteen of a series. Read part seventeen here. Now that I am wrapping up my discussion on IoT, it feels that there is something I have missed; and that is a peek into the future as I see it. Much of t... Continued...

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