Lower power, higher performance in an embedded system. Really.

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

I bet you haven’t heard this one before – one of the silicon vendors has an IC that reduces space, power, and hardware requirements in an embedded system. You have heard it before? Yeah, me too. So it generally takes a lot of convincing for me to believe those statements. In this case, it may [...] Continued...

Webcast: Three ways to ensure your automotive developers deliver secure, compliant, defect-free software

Advances in engineering, an infographic

Monique DeVoe Managing Editor

It’s amazing what science and engineering have accomplished in the last couple decades. Electric vehicles are making a strong showing, and self-driving cars are being tested out on the roads. There are still quirks, but we’re constantly improving and innovating to solve battery challenges and other engineering roadblocks. Medical technology improves all the time – [...] Continued...

Controlling automotive software deviations in a MISRA compliance environment

Fergus Bolger, Chief Technical Officer, PRQA

C and C++ are by some distance the most widely used languages for embedded software development. Recent research by VDC shows C being used by 70 percent of the embedded systems companies surveyed and C++ by 42 percent. C has been implemented for virtually every processor. It provides a wide range of resources and libraries, and is supported by a wide range of tools. Continued...

Strategies for verifying an FPGA design

David Kelf OneSpin Solutions

The escalating cost, time, and risk associated with custom integrated circuit (IC) fabrication has driven increased field programmable gate array (FPGA) usage across electronics applications. FPGAs are larger, faster, and more power-efficient than ever, and bring a number of capabilities unavailable in custom silicon design, such as field updates, multi-function devices, and simplified prototyping, making them an attractive option. Continued...

Moore's Law? How about Metcalfe’s Law for the IoT

Ron Sege, Echelon Corp.

Like Moore’s Law for semiconductors, Metcalfe’s Law has been a touchstone in the telecom industry for more than two decades. In its current form, it states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system. Bob Metcalfe co-invented Ethernet in the 1970s while [...] Continued...

Check out the October IoT Tablet Edition

Advanced static analysis for reusable libraries and subsystems

S. Tucker Taft AdaCore

Advanced static analysis tools are no longer novelties but rather are becoming true strategic elements in the standard professional developer’s toolkit. Continued...

Mobile payments can be secure

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

Mobile payments are certainly in the spotlight today, both for good reasons and not so good reasons. But with any new technology, there are likely to be some bugs and a learning curve. When it comes to money and finances, being on the bleeding edge may not be such a good thing. One of the [...] Continued...

Simplifying digital signage systems with multicore processors

Ajay Misra, AMD Embedded Solutions

Digital menu boards are at the heart of a fast food restaurant. Without the right content, right price, and associated images, the customer would have no idea what is available, how much to pay, or, more importantly, what the food looks like. This is especially important because customers can be highly influenced through visually appealing [...] Continued...

Meeting the challenge of communications in a connected world

John Cantelmo Exar Corporation

Greater integration can offer increased flexibility when designing multi-functional communication devices. Continued...

Apple doesn’t care about professionals

Eric Verhulst, Altreonic

About 18 months ago, after long consideration, I switched from a PC-based laptop to a MacBook. It wasn’t an easy decision. I carry around some 15 years of files and my laptop is my office. My major concern was retaining the ability to open older MS-Office files and use the laptop for demos (some Windows-based, [...] Continued...

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