Western Digital Announces New “Open” Solutions, Including a RISC-V Core

Rich Nass

Western Digital (WD) has been one of the most vocal proponents for the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). The company recently took another step toward “putting its money where its mouth is” when... Continued...

Wireless Environmental Sensor Reference Designs

Integrated circuits and reference designs for monitoring climate factors and communicating with HVAC systems, while significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

Sponsored by: Texas Instruments

Renesas Electronics Releases USB-C Combo Buck-Boost Battery Charger for Mobile Computing Systems

Laura Dolan

TOKYO, Japan – Renesas Electronics Corporation has released the industry’s first USB-C buck-boost battery charger that supports Narrow Voltage Direct Charging (NVDC) and Hybrid Power Buck-Boost (H... Continued...

Microchip’s maXTouch Touchscreen Controllers Improve User Experience

Laura Dolan

CHANDLER, AZ. Microchip Technology’s new family of single-chip maXTouch touchscreen controllers addresses the design of modern automotive capacitive touch systems and improves the touch interface performa... Continued...

Microchip’s New PolarFire SoC Architecture Provides Real-Time to Linux

Laura Dolan

Santa Clara, CA. Microchip Technology Inc., via Microsemi Corporation, its subsidiary, announced it will expand its Mi-V ecosystem by revealing the architecture for a new class of SoC FPGAs. It will combine the... Continued...

Adding Blockchain Data Integrity to IoT

Curt Schwaderer Editorial Director

There has been a lot of focus on taking a data oriented approach to IoT systems. This approach makes a lot of sense given the nature of IoT and the foundational component of the system is the data – where it... Continued...

PC PSU and game console power unit

Designed for manufacturing PC power supply (PSU) and game console power units with higher efficiency meeting various standards like ECOS 80PLUS.

Sponsored by: Texas Instruments

Five Minutes With…Robert Oshana, VP, NXP

Embedded Computing Design

The RISC-V ISA has the potential to be a dominant player in the embedded, IoT, and industrial spaces, just to name a few. But before any architecture can take off, it needs a solid ecosystem behind it. The Open-ISA.... Continued...

Top 8 AI and Analytics Trends Businesses Can’t Miss in 2019

Laura Dolan

DMI has released its 8 Most Important AI and Analytics Trends for 2019 that innovative organizations should highly consider researching to keep up on the latest trends in AI and analytics in... Continued...

IoT Development Kit Guide

Help for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) design engineers to efficiently identify evaluation kits for system prototyping.

Sponsored by: Digi-Key

The “relativity” of high-Q capacitors

Jeff Elliott, Johanson Technology

For many high-power RF applications, the “Q factor” of embedded capacitors is one of the most important characteristics in the design of circuits. This includes products such as cellular/telecomm equipme... Continued...

How tech is transforming food safety and reducing waste

Paul Gough, u-blox

New technology is increasing transparency and traceability of our food supply chain – making it easier to spot the bad apples. In an ideal world, we’d know every last detail about the food we&rsquo... Continued...

Powering Artificial Intelligence at the Edge with Embedded Processors

Sponsored by: ADLINK, QuickLogic
Date: December 11, 2pm ET

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