Advancement in IoT will boost next-gen energy management systems

Hiren Samani, Transparency Market Research

The key to effective energy management is controlling components at a major and granular level. In a world that is soaked in IoT gadgets, that control will be very profound. The billions – and inevitably trill... Continued...

Detecting Domain-Specific Coding Errors with Static Analysis

By: GrammaTech

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Energy consumption in modern microcontroller systems, part three: The impact of operating temperature on energy consumption

Horst Diewald and Uwe Mengelkamp, ProJoule GmbH

Energy consumption comparison of microcontroller/system on chip (MCU/SoC) systems – is one benchmark enough or do we need a parametric benchmark? An important factor in the selection, market positioning, and ... Continued...

The software development lifecycle continues as long as connected cars are on the street

Mark Pitchford, LDRA

Automotive embedded applications have traditionally been isolated, static, fixed-function, device-specific implementations, and practices and processes have relied on that status. There’s lots to learn for dev... Continued...

Benefits of publishing your work for MakerPros

Jeremy Cook, Engineering Consultant

As we make things, whether it’s a personal or professional project, or some combination in the case of many MakerPros, we complete the task, or at least get it working, then move on. But in many cases, by movi... Continued...

How today's AI technology will deliver tomorrow’s advancements

Dennis Laudick, Arm

Research shows that consumers have concerns about how AI technology might impact their lives in the next five to ten years, which is understandable given that change normally promotes anxiety – but history sho... Continued...

Efficiently Monitoring Energy Usage in Battery Powered Systems

Date: December 20, 2pm ET
Sponsored by: Microchip

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Save Time and Money with Microchip’s SuperFlash® Technology

Microchip Technology, Inc.

System verification is critical. Your customers expect quality right out of the box. Loading your system with test software can find all the hidden defects quickly. But erasing and reloading your boot code NOR Flash... Continued...

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