ARM-based microcontroller development hits mark with tools, kits

The next step in microcontroller development is here: By combining software application development with constraint logic programming familiar in the FPGA world, Infineon has provided evaluation platforms, development environment, and libraries that enable greater power efficiency, connectivity, and accelerate time to market. The XMC4500 Relax and Relax Lite Kits feature an ARM Cortex-M4F CPU at 120 MHz with 1 MB of flash and 160 KB RAM. Relax Lite provides a complete set of onboard devices and plugs which enable running USB-based applications that also support the development of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) with buttons and LEDs. The Relax Kit adds Ethernet connectivity. For additional actuator and sensor control options, the XMC4000 Application Kit is available. The application kit provides a number of add-on options and plug-in boards. These kits are also supported by DAVE – a fully functional development and configuration environment that includes compilers, debuggers, and application libraries, all within the Eclipse environment familiar to mainstream embedded programmers.