COM Express module fits low-power portable applications

With a focus on low-power, handheld/portable embedded ap-plications, Advantech recently announced the SOM-7565 COM Express module powered by the new Cedar Trail archi-tecture from Intel. Cedar Trail, which is based on the latest Intel Atom processors plus the Intel NM10 Express chipset, offers improved performance and lower power consumption along with enhanced graphics features and seven-year life-cycle support. The SOM-7565’s compact design is about the size of a business card (84 mm x 55 mm), making it suitable for portable applications in point-of-sale, transportation, medi-cal, and factory devices. The dual-core processor delivers a 40 percent or more improvement in processing power compared to Intel Atom processors N455 and E680. According to Miller Chang, VP of Advantech’s Embedded Computing Group, “Low-power features are an important requirement when we develop industrial computers. The latest Intel Atom processor N2000 and D2000 series have not only reduced power consumption, making them more environmen-tally friendly, but also enabled embedded platforms to improve computing capabilities, especially for graphics- and display-intensive applications.”