Debug suite validates complex FPGA designs

As FPGA systems increase in both complexity and bandwidth, the test and debug phase has become a development bottleneck. With software that promises to redefine how engineers design for debug, Veridae Systems introduced the Corus validation and debug software suite for complex FPGA-based systems. Corus integrates with popular test equipment and software debuggers to provide a synchronized view of the entire system, including serial I/O, buses, software code, and FPGA hardware, giving designers and validation engineers access to any observed signal at any time.

The validation and debug suite is based on Veridae’s set of existing software tools, including the Implementor for designing on-chip signal capture probes, the Analyzer for managing capture data, and the Investigator for interpolating and displaying the signals. The combination of these tools enables faster FPGA-based system validation and debug without continuous resynthesis. Because FPGA products are often embedded into complex systems in the field, remote validation and debug is also supported.