Mini PCI Express card captures eight concurrent video channels

Specializing in embedded products for video capture, annotation, recording, and streaming, Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP) has launched the AVC8000nano, a new eight-channel video capture card in a mini PCI Express form factor. The card is designed for high-pressure or extreme environments including UAV-based video capture, real-time situational awareness, law enforcement, crime scene recording, and asset or traffic monitoring. Captured video can be scaled, cropped, and positioned with built-in software controls and streamed continuously to system memory for immediate processing or local display.

The low-power AVC8000nano features eight live NTSC/PAL/RS170 video inputs, supports eight D1-sized image captures at full frame rate, and allows arbitrary video window sizing, cropping, and scaling. The module is supported by drivers for Windows XP Embedded and Linux.