Visualization system guides code optimization and analysis

Software projects continue to grow in size and complexity, making it extremely difficult for developers to test and analyze the relationships between elements of the source code. At this year’s Design West conference, GrammaTech introduced a new software architecture visualization system capability designed to perform well on millions of lines of code. The system is integrated with CodeSonar, GrammaTech’s static analysis tool for detecting defects.

The visualization system displays the software’s call graph organized according to the program’s module structure. Graph layouts can be changed in real time and present data in tree, map, circuit, cluster, flow, radial, and other layouts. Data is featured in a layered way that provides a high-level view with drill-down capability. Other features include the ability to search the graph for functions of interest, view the graph in a variety of different layouts, and navigate to and from the source code. CodeSonar visualization runs through a standard Web client such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome browsers.