Parasoft Solution Addresses Challenges of IoT Complexity


Parasoft's software testing solution for IoT helps development teams quickly validate today’s highly-complex, connected applications – reducing the risk associated with security vulnerabilities, application crashes, and device malfunction. Parasoft provides a complete software testing toolset, including: static and dynamic analysis; unit testing; API, performance, load, and security testing; and service . Add Parasoft’s intelligent reports and analytics that provide strategic insights for analysts and executives, and you are ready to tackle the demands of IoT.

Parasoft’s unique set of integrated technologies allows you to efficiently automate, analyze, test, and report testing efforts, all while seamlessly integrating and supporting your agile, continuous testing, and DevOps initiatives. Parasoft provides developers and testers with IoT-ready API, load, and security testing capabilities on virtual testbeds, to eliminate the most common IoT application failures associated with internet connectivity, security threats, and unpredictable real-world loads; and empower management to focus on what matters through intelligent analytics and reporting.

To support the secure software development lifecycle, Parasoft’s testing solutions provide development teams with critical technologies necessary for the connectivity challenges affecting IoT and embedded applications, from developers, to testers, and management.

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