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Ashling announces debug and trace support for NXP secure microcontroller P60-Step-Up

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Ashling Microsystems Limited today announced an advanced real-time debug and trace solution for NXP’s P60-Step-Up! secure controller device. The P60-Step-Up! secure controller targets applications such as eGovernment, banking, mobile security and transport solutions where software quality is of the utmost importance and an essential aspect of end applications for this device.

Developed in close co-operation with NXP, the SmartICE-XPK trace system for P60-Step-Up! includes advanced timing analysis features allowing users to accurately monitor software execution in real time non-intrusively during development and test. The timing analysis features enable users to verify software performance and identify program ‘hot-spots’ for performance optimisation. The system has support for long duration testing (up to 360 hours of continuous analysis) of up to 32K program functions simultaneously. In conjunction with the advanced debug, trace and code coverage features of the SmartICE-XPK system, the timing analysis features ensure users have the highest performance tool for their real-time application development and test.

“Ashling is delighted to make available this high performance debug and trace tool for NXP’s P60-Step-Up! secure controller” said John Murphy, Managing Director, Ashling Microsystems. “At Ashling we know that applications using the P60-Step-Up! device have strong software quality and reliability requirements where the advanced timing analysis features of Ashling’s SmartICE-XPK system will be essential”

A SmartICE data sheet is available and details on the timing analysis features are at the link below. The tools are available directly from Ashling and its sales representatives worldwide.

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Ashling Microsystems is an international Embedded Software Development Tools company. Through its close cooperation with leading semiconductor vendors, Ashling is a world leader in the Embedded Software Development Tools market. Ashling’s development centre is in Limerick Ireland. Ashling has sales and support representatives worldwide.



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