AAEON's new Q services to Deliver Quality and Quickness to System Administration

An all-rounded aftersales services offered to partners of AAEON

(Taipei, Taiwan) September 16, 2014 — Q services, a set of multi-facted customer services provided by AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, is officially unveiled.

Coined by its commitment of providing quick circuit review of customer’s carrier boards, quick bringing up of BIOS, quick compatibility and reliability debug services, and quick arrangement for on-site service and consultation, Q services primarily aims to reduce troubleshooting time and expediting development process with quality and speed, at absolutely no charge.

Besides troubleshooting, AAEON also extends its Q services to the design of user-specific carrier boards and evaluation of default carrier boards. For partners, the benefits of the service may help them in developing their own carrier boards with less compatibility issues.

Compared with similar services from other contemporaries, Q services promised to deliver its partners a much quicker turnaround time for their problems. This is made possible through the sharing of resources between the end-user and AAEON, thereby lightening the load each party has to bear while tackling the task at hand and accelerating the entire work process.

“With Q services, our experienced engineers and R&D staff will initially carry out an in-depth assessment to our partner’s in 1-2 working days, and provide a final comprehensive evaluation in another 3 working days, if the information provided are sufficient.” said Kevin Chiu, Associate Vice President of AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division. “This quick turnaround time of merely 5 days is impossible for ordinary customer services, which may drag on for weeks without coming up with anything conclusive”.

For partners using Computer-on-Module (COM) systems, such as those working with automated production lines, Q services may be most applicable to them as it offers them a full range of services targeted at saving their time and resources in building, configuring and upkeeping their systems, whereas Single Board Computers (SBC) partners may find the compatibility tests and debugging aspects of the service more appealing.