Alpha Data Releases Xilinx Ultrascale Board for FPGA Acceleration

Alpha Data has collaborated with Xilinx to provide some of the very first UltraSCALE FPGAs in a commercially available product.

Denver, CO. Alpha Data’s catalog of off-the-shelf boards now includes Xilinx 20nm Kintex UltraSCALE devices; enabling a new class of accelerator cards. Early access to the Vivado Design suite has proven very successful and Alpha Data is pleased to announce the ADM-PCIE-KU3, in conjunction with Vivado 2014.1 support for the KU devices.

The ADM-PCIE-KU3 is a high-performance, reconfigurable, half-length, low profile, x 16 PCIe form factor board based on the Xilinx® Kintex® UltraSCALE™ FFVA1156 ASIC-class FPGA.

The ADM-PCIE-KU3 is the latest in the highly successful line of Alpha Data’s Xilinx FPGA-centric products; the result of over a decade of experience and partnership with Xilinx. The ADM-PCIE-KU3 features 16GB in two independent channels of DDR3-1600 ECC memory capable of 25GB/sec bandwidth, dual QSFP ports supporting 10G/40G Ethernet, dual SATA connections, voltage/temperature/current control and monitoring, air-cooled heat sink, all on a small 6.6” x 3.8” PCIe board.


The ADM-PCIE-KU3 is competitively priced and is available to order immediately. It is currently offered with the Kintex UltraSCALE KU040 device (with support for KU075 in the near future) and ships with a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) including example designs. Further product details and ordering options for the ADM-PCIE-KU3 are available at:[...]

About Alpha Data

Established in 1993, Alpha Data is a world leader in embedded FPGA platforms and systems. The company supplies essential hardware and development tools to OEMs developing innovative systems for high performance computing, defense, communications, signal processing, instrumentation and life sciences applications. Its products and services provide an integrated framework from prototype-to-production and support a variety of protocols and standards, including XMC, VPX, PMC/PMC-X, VME/VXS, CompactPCI, PCI/PCI-X, PCI Express and reconfigurable XRM-IO hardware formats.

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