Artila Releases New Web enabled Remote I/O Module

Connecting Sensor Data to Web Applications

RIO-2017, Remote I/O Module
RIO-2017, Remote I/O Module

Artila Electronics, the leading designer and manufacturer of embedded device networking and computing, is proud to release RIO-2017, the new generation of Web enabled Remote I/O module. RIO-2017 is powered by ARM Cortex M3 and FreeRTOS operating system and features one 10/100 MHz Ethernet port, eight channels of 16-bit isolated analog input and one form C relay.

Web application is becoming popular due to the ubiquity of the web browser, and human machine interface (HMI) is no longer limited to use computers. Therefore, RIO-2017 plays the role of interfacing sensor and instrument data to human with a Web based connectivity. RIO-2017’s web server supports AJAX which allows users and designers to access its analog input channels and relay using a Web script language like JavaScript and JSON. The Web application can be placed in cloud, internal web server or even in the RIO-2017 with 384KB space.

In addition to the Web interface, RIO-2017 also supports Modbus TCP industrial protocol which makes it easily to integrate RIO-2017 into your automation project. For those people who want to develop their application software using RIO-2017, a friendly Linux API library, AIOLib, is available to make programming easy.

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