Avnet Launches Video On Demand Portal

An industry first, Avnet OnDemand delivers one-stop video source for broad range of technical and educational videos

Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) today announced the launch of Avnet OnDemand, the first video portal for the technology distribution industry featuring a broad range of videos from Avnet and technology manufacturers. Avnet OnDemand showcases videos featuring new products, hot trends, services and technical tutorials – all in one place.

Research from comScore estimates that more than 145 million people watch online video each month, up 8 percent from a year ago. Avnet OnDemand leverages the growing interest in online video for business purposes, offering a combination of compelling video content and ease of access.

At a recent preview of the site, Avnet partners shared their thoughts on the usefulness and innovation exhibited; a video featuring their comments is posted on the site, along with videos on development tools for component board design, video conferencing technology and Avnet programs such as Avnet VirtualPath™ on virtualization. A sample listing of videos includes:

Freescale Simplifies Touch Sensing (www.avnetondemand.com/index.php?vid=135)

Hewlett Packard Software Business Technology Optimization (www.avnetondemand.com/index.php?cid=21)

Molex RF Connectors (avnetondemand.com/index.php?vid=155)

The video portal offers viewers a choice of component or computing channels, designed specifically to meet the needs of design engineers and value-added resellers. The portal aggregates video content into one convenient location so users don’t have to search multiple sites to find information relevant to their needs. In addition to technical product information, the site provides training and general information videos and in the future can provide live video broadcast feeds from industry trade shows, seminars and meetings.

“Avnet OnDemand makes it easy for engineers, resellers, OEMs and just about anyone in the technology supply chain to watch videos of their choice anytime, anywhere,” said Al Maag, Avnet chief communications officer. “Today we’re offering a suite of shows direct from our manufacturers that demonstrate services, applications and design processes. All of these videos, plus Avnet’s own productions, are comparable to a film festival that aggregates much of the electronics industry’s store of knowledge. This is where customers and business partners will want to come for useful information that will accelerate their success and help them get to market faster.”

Videos on the Avnet OnDemand site can be viewed from a desktop, laptop or smartphone. The site also offers streamlined navigation and a robust search capability so viewers can find information quickly based on supplier, technology or topics such as healthcare or virtualization. There are also direct links to online buying to purchase featured products.

Maag added, “We are proud of the fact no one in our industry has done this before, and this gives our product, supplier and marketing managers a lot of opportunity to be creative and develop the site to meet customers needs. I expect we will have some fun and add our culture and personality to the programming as well.”

To view the site, visit: www.avnetondemand.com.