BittWare Expands OpenCL Support for Altera Stratix V FPGAs

Altera's SDK for OpenCL now supported for a wide range of Stratix V devices on BittWare's COTS PCIe board.

DENVER, CO – BittWare, the leader in Altera-based FPGA COTS boards, announced today at SuperComputing 2013 (SC13) that OpenCL (Open Computing Language) support has now been expanded to additional Stratix V variants on their S5-PCIe-HQ (S5PH-Q) PCI Express board. FPGA options now include GSMD5, GSED8, GXEA7 and GXEAB devices. The S5PH-Q is a half-length PCIe x8 card, and additionally provides up to 16 GBytes of on-board DDR3 memory at 800MHz (1600 Mtps) and two front-panel QSFP+ cages allowing implementation of two 40GigE (or eight 10GigE) interfaces direct to the FPGA for reduced latency. The board is a versatile and efficient solution for high-performance network processing, CPU acceleration and high frequency trading applications.

“Altera’s OpenCL initiative addresses the issues faced when adopting FPGA technology in spaces traditionally dominated by programmable processors,” said Ron Huizen, BittWare Vice President of Systems & Solutions. “OpenCL provides a more traditional software programming environment, opening FPGAs to a much larger potential developer base, cutting development cycles from many months to a few weeks or even days. We’re very pleased to be able to offer OpenCL support for Altera’s Stratix V FPGAs on our fully tested, deployable board-level products.”

BittWare is a part of Altera’s Preferred Board Partner Program for OpenCL and the S5PH-Q is supported by Altera’s Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL available in the Altera Quartus II software version 13.1. A special OpenCL Developers Bundle is also available from BittWare, which has everything developers need to get up and running, including the Altera OpenCL SDK.

S5PH-Q Overview

- High density Altera Stratix V GX/GS FPGA

- PCIe x8 interface supporting Gen1, Gen2, or Gen3

- Dual QSFP+ cages for 40GigE or 10GigE direct to the FPGA for lowest possible latency

- Up to 16 GBytes DDR3 SDRAM

- Up to 72 MBytes QDRII/II+

- Two SATA connectors

- Timestamping support

- Utility I/O includes: USB 2.0, RS-232, and JTAG

OpenCL Developers Bundle Overview

- BittWare S5-PCIe-HQ Altera Stratix V half-length PCIe board with two banks of 4GByte DDR3 SDRAM

- S5PH-Q Board Support Package

- BittWare BittWorks II Toolkit application development software for BittWare COTS boards

- BittWare Breakout Board (BWBO) providing front panel access to signals and interfaces on the S5PH-Q (two RS-232 connectors, an RJ-45 Ethernet jack, and a micro-USB shell that are all accessible via the front panel)

- A license for the Altera Quartus® II software, Developer’s Kit Edition

- A license for the Altera SDK for OpenCL

- Altera USB Byte Blaster to download configuration or program data into the Stratix V


All configurations of BittWare’s OpenCL Developers Bundle and S5PH-Q are available and shipping today.

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