DecaWave Launches Partnership Program for Further Development of Micro-Location Technology

- Hardware vendors, software developers, and systems integrators to offer their expertise on DecaWave accurate positioning technology to ease and accelerate adoption by the broad market--

DUBLIN, IRELAND -- DecaWave (, the pioneering fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra wideband technology for precise location and connectivity applications, has announced the formation of its Partnership Program. The purpose of the Program is to create an Ecosystem aiming for leveraging the expertise built by Partners (hardware vendors, software developers, and systems integrators) on DecaWave accurate location technology to quickly enable customers looking for state of the art and cost-effective end products.

The need for micro-location is everywhere across the industry from healthcare, factory automation and logistic to retail with an expected 30% CAGR over the next 5 years. The DecaWave technology now makes micro-location affordable to even the smallest businesses driving an even stronger demand. DecaWave partners will offer a wealth of technical and application expertise and be able to design cost effective tailored solutions, and provide off-the-shelf solutions for shorter time to market and lower development efforts.

The Ecosystem Partners leverage DecaWave’s DW1000 chip to design innovative micro-location-based products. The DW1000 operates at data rates of 110Kbps, 850Kbps and 6.8Mbps, and can locate tagged objects both indoors and outdoors with 10-cm accuracy.

Five companies – Agilion, (Germany), Ciholas (USA), IDOLink (SKorea), Red Point Positioning (USA) and WoxuWireless (China) are already signed up as partners and others will be announced soon.

“The Partnership Program is a win-win-win. Customers looking for implementing a micro location solution can now envision it with reduced time – resource – investment. Partners investing time and skilled resource efforts in DecaWave technology will work very closely with us to design cutting edge solutions. This program is a foundation to make DecaWave IR-UWB technology the de facto standard for industrial micro-location solutions,” said Mickael Viot, Marketing Manager at DecaWave.

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About DecaWave

DecaWave is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company developing a family of integrated circuit products called ScenSor, compliant to the IEEE802.15.4a standard, which can identify the specific location of any object, person or thing at very competitive cost, very low power and with a required level of precision and reliability never achieved before (+/-10cm). In addition, the data communication capability of the chip (up to 6.8Mb/s) makes it a perfect fit for IOT applications and other low-power wireless network applications.

With applications in diverse markets including factory and building automation, healthcare, ePOS and retail, robotics, warehousing, automotive and consumer, the company's flagship DW1000 chip has garnered interest from more than 2,500 firms globally.

DecaWave is headquartered in Dublin Ireland, with presence in France, South Korea, Taiwan and the US.

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