dSPACE Announces New Simulation Models for Function Deployment

Detroit, May 1, 2008: dSPACE will introduce a new category of simulation models as a major extension to its Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) product line this summer.

The new models, referred to as ASM Operator Versions, are designed for function engineers and users who require particularly easy-to-use simulation tools to design mechatronic systems. For use in early the development phases, the models have been optimized for PC-based simulation with Simulink®.

The functionality, simulation quality and parameterization options of the ASM Operator Versions are equivalent to dSPACEs original ASM products, whose range of applications run from function design to hardware-in-the-loop testing. The component-based structure consisting of Simulink libraries is also identical to that of the earlier ASMs. The components are accessible in the model so that their input/output behavior can be studied.

The fundamental difference of these lower-cost models lies in the implementation of the library components. All components are freely accessible in the original ASMs, even at the lowest implementation level. The Operator Versions, however, encapsule separate systems, which ensures good performance during Simulink simulation.

The first ASM Operator Versions to become available will be for vehicle dynamics and chassis applications. Typical possible applications are closed-loop tests of controller functions with model-in-the-loop (MIL) and/or software-in-the-loop (SIL), and also vehicle dynamics tests and parameter studies.

This new model category is compatible with the ASMs and can be parameterized in ModelDesk, dSPACE parameterization software. Exchanging data sets (model parameters, road descriptions, maneuver descriptions) between the model categories and reusing them is easy, which supports a seamless development process.