embedded world 2017: Chip antennas fit new NB-IoT standard

Antenova has developed an antenna for the new Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) standard. The antenna measures just 20 by 11 by 1.6 mm, and is built such that it can perform well within a device, whilst being easy to integrate onto a small PCB. This chip antenna, called , (part no. ), fits in the company’s lamiiANT antenna family.

Narrow Band IoT is the latest mobile broadband standard. It uses the 3GPP licenced network spectrum which is secure and free from interference, and offers the combined advantages of low power, long range and the ability to penetrate walls and metal barriers.

As with all of Antenova’s embedded antennas, the NB-IoT antennas are designed for quick and easy integration onto a host PCB.

Antenova provides full design, testing and tuning services for customers who are adding capabilities to their IoT devices and other electronic products.

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