HCC-Embedded Announces Support for Micron Technology's Serial NAND Flash

Budapest, Hungary and New York, NY - July 13, 2009 - HCC-Embedded, the foremost provider of file systems for embedded applications, today announced that the entire HCC product line now supports and interoperates with Micron Technology's 1-gigabit (Gb)-based serial NAND Flash.

The Micron device used in HCC’s porting and testing work is a 1Gb-based chip (part number MT29F1G01ZAC) providing embedded applications with the flexibility to easily upgrade their storage capacity.

NAND has become the predominant flash storage technology for the embedded device market. HCC has designed flash file systems and drivers that are optimized to manage Micron’s serial NAND, including wear leveling and block management.

Micron's serial NAND has two important strengths that are major benefits to embedded designers:

1. The on-chip ECC controller reduces the computing load on the CPU often involved with handling raw NAND. This benefit is most striking when the microcontroller does not have an integrated ECC controller. Executing the ECC calculation in software could be extremely burdensome, particularly on smaller microcontrollers.

2. The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) command set allows for a low pin-count standard interface to the NAND from almost any microcontroller.

HCC’s drivers are available for both its fail-safe flash translation layer (FTL), which is used by HCC’s SafeFAT, FAT and THIN file systems, and also for HCC’s SAFE and TINY flash file systems. This gives the developer a full range of highly reliable storage solutions for Micron devices.

“Micron’s serial NAND products provide a host of advantages for embedded applications including the ability to easily and cost-effectively extend data storage capacity and improve performance when compared to NOR flash,” said Kevin Kilbuck, director of NAND market development for Micron. “By combining HCC’s extensive file systems with Micron’s best-in-class serial NAND technology, we can provide customers with a flexible and compelling storage solution for a wide range of embedded systems.”

“HCC’s versatile and extensive family of file systems for embedded applications is highly optimized, and provides the embedded developer with a range of options from which the best choice can be made for any particular application”, said Bernard Mushinsky, HCC’s business development manager. “With support for Micron’s industry-leading serial NAND flash, HCC has added an important new option for users of its file systems.”

About HCC-Embedded

HCC-Embedded is the foremost vendor of storage and communication solutions for embedded systems. The company offers an extensive family of file systems for embedded applications, including failsafe, FAT, and TINY systems, as well as USB stacks for host and device, flash translation layers, Windows embedded connectivity, and uCDrive development boards. Products run in most environments, with most OSes, processors and peripherals. All HCC-Embedded products are licensed on a royalty-free basis and distributed in full source form.

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