HCC-Embedded Releases Audio Support for USB Host Stack

EUSBH-Audio supports a full spectrum of audio features for embedded applications. Included are

- FORMAT TYPE I (PCM/PCM8) streams


- Sampling rate adjustment to rate supported by the audio device

- Streaming type input terminal (playback)

- Streaming type output terminal (e.g., record from a microphone)

- AF Version 1.0 (full speed)

- Feature unit: volume/mute control, tone control, graphic equalizer, bass boost, loudness, etc.

- Processing unit: up/down mix, Dolby prologic, 3D stereo extender, reverberation, chorus, dynamic range compression, extension

- Selector unit support (switch between line in/microphone)

- Mixer unit

EUSBH-Audio can be used with any HCC USB host controller firmware. EHCI, OHCI and non-standard hosts are supported.

HCC-Embedded can supply custom audio class drivers, no matter how complex the audio controls are.

EUSBH-Audio is part of HCC-Embeddeds comprehensive set of USB offerings, which include the USBH host stack and USBD device stack. Available drivers for USBH include MS (mass storage, PL (printer), CDC, HID, FTDI, Audio and Midi. For USBD, there are MS, MTP, CDC, HID and RFI.

About HCC-Embedded

HCC-Embedded is a leading vendor of storage and communication solutions for embedded systems. The company offers an extensive family of file systems for embedded applications, including failsafe, FAT, and TINY systems, USB software for host and device, flash translation layers, Windows embedded connectivity, and uCDrive development boards. Products run in most environments, with most OSes, processors and peripherals. All HCC-Embedded products are licensed on a royalty-free basis and distributed in full source form. HCC-Embedded products are used widely in consumer electronics, industrial control, medical and automotive applications.

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