ISAO documents published in response to Executive Order 13691

San Antonio, TX. The Information Sharing and Analysis Organization Standards Organization (ISAO SO) has published four initial voluntary guideline documents on The non-governmental organization was established in October 2015 to facilitate the implementation of Presidential Executive Order 13691, “Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing” to provide guidelines for robust and effective information sharing and analysis related to cybersecurity risks, incidents, and best practices. The ISAO SO created working groups composed of industry, government, and academic experts to lead the development of the guideline publications. Working groups received comments and feedback from public online meetings, in-person public forums, and Request for Comment periods for previous drafts. Comments were considered and adjudicated in a consensus-based development process.

The initial documents include ISAO 100-1, Introduction to Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations; ISAO 100-2, Guidelines for Establishing an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization; ISAO 300-1, Introduction to Information Sharing; and ISAO 600-2, U.S. Government Relations, Programs, and Services.

“These publications provide the cornerstones to build out an information sharing ecosystem at unprecedented scale,” said Rick Lipsey, Deputy Director of the ISAO SO.  “However, they are just the beginning. The ISAO SO is helping the community to evolve a consensus-based corporate body of knowledge.  We anticipate updating and expanding these guidelines based on feedback from their implementation. The ISAO Series will evolve in the coming months to serve the community with additional publications that will allow all organizations and individuals to better defend themselves against emerging cyber threats.”

The ISAO SO will host its next online public meeting on October 20th at 1pm CT.  This meeting will address upcoming publications, a national information sharing conference for 2017, and feature a question and answer session with ISAO SO Leadership.

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