Joint software solution detects and prevents cyberattacks in connected vehicles

Elektrobit (EB) and Argus Cyber Security have announced a solution to make it easier for automakers to enhance the safety and cyber security of automotive electronic control units (ECUs), which are the embedded systems that control a vehicle’s core functions. The solution integrates the AUTOSAR-compliant Argus Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS), which detects and prevents cyberattacks in vehicles, and EB software and tools for developing more secure ECUs, based on the AUTOSAR standard.

“Just like computer systems, today’s cars are networked with the internet and external services. As the level of networking increases, so does the risk of unauthorized access, which is significantly challenging the automotive electronics sector,” said Martin Schleicher, executive vice president strategy and partnerships. “By joining forces, Argus and EB are making it easier for car manufacturers to take a proactive approach to cyber security.”

The solution is being publicly demonstrated for the first time in EB’s booth (North Hall #6106) at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.