Karamba Security Carwall platform enhanced with automated ECU lockdown feature for connected, autonomous cars

HOD HASHARON, ISRAEL and DETROIT, MI. Karamba Security has announced Autonomous Security for connected and autonomous vehicles, an extension of its Carwall electronic control unit (ECU) security platform that enables the ECUs of any car to automatically lock down and reset to factory settings in the presence of cyber threats or malicious code. The Carwall Autonomous Security suite also introduces in-memory protection capability for ECUs to defend against memory-based attacks such as buffer overrun and return-oriented programming.

The Autonomous Security suite runs locally on ECUs with negligible performance impact, the company says. As a result, ECUs running Carwall Autonomous Security do not require a connection or anti-malware updates to defend against attacks. Rather, by blocking any operations that aren’t part of the device’s factory settings, ECUs can prevent hackers from accessing critical vehicle systems. As factory settings contain known-good instructions, false positives associated with threat reporting are eliminated.

“The risk of a car hack is lost lives," said Ami Dotan, CEO and co-founder of Karamba Security. "Any security approach that's vulnerable to false positives or delayed decision making isn't providing sufficient security. ECUs have to be able to protect themselves to prevent intrusions. Karamba’s Autonomous Security hardens ECUs with a complete security solution that no one else offers."

The Carwall Autonomous Security platform allows automakers and Tier 1 suppliers to pursue guidelines established in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Automated Vehicles Policy published earlier this month, as well as protect against attacks such as the remote hack of a Tesla’s braking systems demonstrated last week.

More information can be found at www.karambasecurity.com.