Kilopass' TSMC 28nm HKMG Silicon Results Show Scalability of 2T Antifuse Technology

28nm HKMG OTP Will Continue to Be Implemented in Standard CMOS

Kilopass Technology Inc., a leading provider of semiconductor logic non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP), today announced that its first test chip silicon on TSMC 28nm High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) has demonstrated that Kilopass' 2T antifuse technology is scalable to HKMG. Silicon data shows that existing 2T bit cell performs well on 28HKMG and can scale to 22nm and beyond. This milestone demonstrates how Kilopass patented antifuse NVM technology can migrate to bleeding edge logic CMOS processes.

"We are extremely pleased with the 2T antifuse silicon results on TSMC 28nm HKMG process," said Harry Luan, CTO at Kilopass. "The testchip silicon contained a variety of 2T bit cell for fundamental device study and cell modeling. Silicon results show that Kilopass' 2T technology in HKMG has excellent programming distribution and no program disturb behavior is observed. In addition, the gate leakage is significantly reduced from previous process generations which will contribute to a better read margin and high incoming yield."

Kilopass embedded NVM is implemented in standard CMOS without any additional backend process steps. It is designed for manufacturability for mass production; it follows foundry DFM design rules, utilizes standard devices supplied by the foundry, and requires no additional overlay tolerance or process control. Over two billion integrated circuits with Kilopass 2T antifuse technology from 0.18um to 40nm have shipped in consumer, automotive, mobile, and analog mixed signal products. At 28nm HKMG, silicon results show Kilopass embedded NVM technology will continue to be implemented in standard CMOS and scale in area and power with the 28nm HKMG process.

Product Availability

Kilopass XPM™ and Gusto™ memory IP for TSMC 28nm HKMG process will be available for licensing in second half of 2011. Kilopass has begun providing advanced information to customers with designs targeting the 28nm HKMG process.

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Kilopass Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of embedded NVM intellectual property, leverages standard logic CMOS processes to deliver one-time programmable (OTP) memory. With 58 patents granted or pending and more than 800,000 wafers shipped from a dozen foundries and Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDM), Kilopass has more than 100 customers in applications ranging from storage of firmware and security codes to calibration data and other application-critical information. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, visit or email