Leti Marking 50 Years of Pioneering Innovation with Events and Workshops in France, Japan, Taiwan and the U.S.


‘Innovation Institute’ Has Launched 60 Startups, Invented Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Offered the First Complete 300mm line for 3D Technologies

GRENOBLE, France – March 30, 2017 – Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, is marking its 50th anniversary this year during industry events and workshops in Grenoble, Tokyo, and Taipei and at both SEMICON West and IEDM 2017 in San Francisco.

Founded in 1967 as an electronics research division of the French Atomic Energy Commission, Leti evolved into a global leader in micro- and nanotechnologies tailoring differentiating applicative solutions.

Leti solutions target a wide variety of sectors, including sustainable transport systems, telecommunications, health, consumer electronics, energy, smart cities, defense and security and space. Leti has formed partnerships with world leaders of industry, such as IBM, Intel, Qualcomm and Applied Materials.

Among Leti’s 60 startups are Soitec and the company that became STMicroelectronics.

Leti miniaturization technologies in everyday life

Leti’s iconic low-power FD-SOI technology can be found in game consoles, GPS receivers, connected watches and many other everyday connected devices. The institute’s accelerometer that automatically switches between portrait and landscape can now be found in millions of smartphones, along with Leti’s radio-frequency technologies. Leti also develops technology for health care, such as scanners and exoskeletons to increase quality of life for people affected with quadriplegia. Leti serves the defense and security industries with infrared technologies.

“Leti is an innovation institute,” said Marie Semeria, Leti’s CEO. “It is unique in the world because it embraces a broad diversity of technologies: CMOS, sensors, communication systems, packaging and 3D integration, power electronics, imaging, integrated circuits and many more. We will emphasize both Leti’s cultural of pioneering research and its technological strengths throughout this 50th anniversary year and on our redesigned website.”

Leti 50th anniversary worldwide events throughout the year

June 28-29: France

Leti Innovation Days

Leti and partners will discuss how microelectronics can make a difference in health care, address environmental concerns in a competitive world and help industrials and society embrace the digital revolution during its Leti Innovation Days, June 28-29, in Grenoble. Keynote sessions on June 28 will be followed on June 29 by an immersive exhibition packed with technology demonstrators, proof of concepts, a start-up corner and offering dynamic presentations on three routes to innovation in digital transformation, new frontiers in health care and electronics-driven environmental change. The institute will host a gala anniversary dinner event at Chateau de Sassenage.

October: Japan & Taiwan

Leti Day

Leti also will host one-day Leti Day events in Tokyo and Taiwan during the second week of October.

July & December: Usa

Leti Workshops

Anniversary-year events will conclude with workshops July 11 at SEMICON West in San Francisco and the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2017) Dec. 3 in San Francisco.

About Leti (France)

Leti, a technology research institute at CEA Tech, is a global leader in miniaturization technologies enabling smart, energy-efficient and secure solutions for industry. Founded in 1967, Leti pioneers micro-& nanotechnologies, tailoring differentiating applicative solutions for global companies, SMEs and startups. Leti tackles critical challenges in healthcare, energy and digital migration. From sensors to data processing and computing solutions, Leti’s multidisciplinary teams deliver solid expertise, leveraging world-class pre-industrialization facilities. With a staff of more than 1,900, a portfolio of 2,700 patents, 91,500 sq. ft. of cleanroom space and a clear IP policy, the institute is based in Grenoble, France, and has offices in Silicon Valley and Tokyo. Leti has launched 60 startups and is a member of the Carnot Institutes network. This year, the institute celebrates its 50th anniversary.

CEA Tech is the technology research branch of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), a key player in innovative R&D, defence & security, nuclear energy, technological research for industry and fundamental science, identified by Thomson Reuters as the second most innovative research organization in the world. CEA Tech leverages a unique innovation-driven culture and unrivalled expertise to develop and disseminate new technologies for industry, helping to create high-end products and provide a competitive edge.

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