Linux Foundation’s Xen Hypervisor to target embedded and automotive throuh new initiative

GlobalLogic, Inc. to head new open source virtualization subproject from the Linux Foundation

CHICAGO, IL – An Embedded and Automotive initiative based on Xen Project was announced today at the Xen Project Developer Summit hosted by the . The new initiative will work to advance the open source Xen technology in non-datacenter settings, for example, by enabling cost-effective, customizable displays within connected cars.

The Xen Project provides system security, resource isolation, high, availability, and easy integration for complex systems, making the technology applicable in deployments for a range of embedded industries. A collaborative project at the Foundation, the Xen Project’s Embedded and Automotive initiative will be lead by product lifecycle services company , Inc.,

"With ARM support, Xen Project technology is a perfect fit for embedded systems and automotive use," says Alex Agizim, CTO, Embedded Systems, GlobalLogic. "For example, our Nautilus platform based on Xen Project virtualization enables our in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and auto manufacturing partners to quickly and cost-effectively develop hybrid /Linux-based systems… This provides superior functionality and security for both infotainment and operational functions within a car."

Existing code contributions from ARM, Citrix, DornerWorks, Galois, and Washington University will complement new work produced by the Embedded and Automotive Xen subproject, while GlobalLogic will contribute driver support for Android and QNX OSs, paravirtualization Linux kernel drivers, and other virtualization capabilities. The next two Xen Project releases are scheduled to enhance the on ARM platforms, real-time scheduling, and other improvements.

"The Xen Project ecosystem keeps growing as more companies and developers recognize its potential to simplify complex hardware and software systems while ensuring extreme security and scalability,” says Lars Kurth, Chairman, Xen Project Advisory Board. “Embedded, automotive and mobile use cases are just the latest examples. We appreciate GlobalLogic's contributions and the resources they're committing to tailor Xen Project virtualization for these exciting new opportunities."

Vendors and developers that would like to collaborate on the new Xen Project Embedded and Automotive initiative can join at