New features and functionalities unlocked OMICRON Lab increases the functionality of the Bode 100 - for free.


Klaus, Austria, June 2017 – With the release of the new Bode Analyzer Suite V 3.00 all users of the Vector Network Analyzer Bode 100 gain access to several new functions and features. The new software extends the upper measurement frequency of Bode 100 enabling a measurement range from 1 Hz to 50 MHz. Furthermore, a total of seven new impedance measurement modes are now offered covering impedance measurements from mΩ to MΩ. This enables the user to perform impedance measurements of passive components as well as measuring the input and output impedance of active circuits such as power supplies.

Already in the past the Bode Analyzer Suite was known for its intuitive, easy to use user interface. Now the usability has been further improved. Pre-defined measurement modes allow first-time users easy and quick access to various types of Gain/Phase, Vector Network Analysis and Impedance measurement modes. An all-new memory handling allows to copy live measurements into memory traces with one mouse click. Quickly accessible math functions allow to create new measurement traces by combining live measurements with earlier recorded memory traces.

Finally, a modular automation interface offers a simplified way to integrate Bode 100 into automated industrial applications. The provided automation interface can be accessed by all major programming software. Several already realized industrial applications prove that Bode 100 is an excellent choice for performing automated frequency swept measurements for production and quality assurance purposes.

Despite the increased performance and functionality, the new Bode Analyzer Suite V 3.00 is offered to all users of Bode 100 at no cost. It can be downloaded free of charge from