Newark element14 Launches NFC Expansion Board

Global launch of a high-performance full NFC expansion board for Raspberry Pi users.

Chicago, Ill. – Newark element14 announces the global launch of a high-performance full NFC expansion board, EXPLORE-NFC, allowing users of Raspberry Pi to experiment and simply add NFC functionality to their designs. The new product supports all three NFC modes: Reader mode, Peer-to-Peer modes and Card Emulation standards.

Based on the PN512 NFC solution from NXP Semiconductors, the board features an integrated high performance antenna and is supported by an extensive software package while offering a flexible SPI interface. The PN512 is also a fully NFC-Forum compliant solution, ensuring and supporting full interoperability among existing NFC-enabled devices and services. Applications for NFC are virtually limitless and include device configuration, pairing, contactless payment, secure physical access, device logon, smart metering and loyalty programs to name just a few.

Other features include:

Reader mode supporting all four NFC tag types, payment and eGovernment smartcards, and NXP’s MIFARE card family

Flexible interface selection (SPI or I²C) includes reference software stack for SPI

Integrated high-performance RF antenna supporting all NFC modes

NXP’s MIFARE Ultralight NFC card (compliant to NFC forum tag type 2) for instant out-of-the-box experience

Software available on:

“The broad penetration of NFC smartphones has generated new use cases for a contactless reader infrastructure, enabling devices to communicate with NFC enabled smartphones,” said David Shen, CTO at Premier Farnell. “New infrastructure applications for this technology include automation, home appliances, industrial, consumer, metering, computing, health care, automotive and gaming. We anticipate developers will be interested in EXPLORE-NFC if they want to implement solutions for NFC ecosystems or integrate an NFC interface into their device.”

“We continue to see innovative applications for NFC being developed and as such we are excited to introduce this technology on the EXPLORE-NFC board,” said Paul Hubmer, General Manager NFC Reader Solutions, secure mobile transactions, NXP Semiconductors. “This new expansion board will unlock the creative potential of the Raspberry Pi developer community around NFC, introducing new uses cases and unique interactions. The combination of Raspberry Pi and NFC will improve and strengthen the NFC ecosystem and unleash new possibilities for this innovative technology.”

To discover more about Raspberry Pi visit Visit or to learn more about Explore-NFC.

In addition to Newark element14 in North America, the EXPLORE-NFC board is available from Farnell element14 in Europe and element14 in APAC.