ONLY 85USD to get a ARM11 6410 board

Cheapest and highly-integrated ARM11 OK6410 single board computer based on Samsung S3c6410 processor

As a ARM boards manufacturer in China. Forlinx embedded has been focusing on designing and manufacturing ARM boards since early periods of 2007.Forlinx products now ranges from ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-A8 to Cortex-A9 boards. All boards are developed by our own professional and experienced engineers and could provide professional technical supports to home and aboard customers. Furthermore, custom services based on our CPU modules could be provided.

OK6410-B is a highly integrated ARM11 board, it has been sold thousands of pieces since it was released, and was once regarded as the hottest seller among Forlinx boards.

OK6410-B single board computer is an ARM11 board based on Samsung S3C6410 processor. It integrates with ram:256MB DDR3 and 1Gb Nandflash and interfaces such as Etherent, Uart,USB host, USB device,etc.

OK6410-B Single Board Computer Features

CPU Processor: Samsung S3C6410

Kernel: ARM 1176JZF-S

Main frequency: 533MHz/667MHZ

Ram :256m Ddr

FLASH :High-speed and stable SLC 1G NAND FLASH

Clock :12MHz, 48MHz, 27MHz, 32.768KHz clock source

Voltage Power supply: 5V

Interfaces : High quality connectors

Reset : One reset button and 8 separated (interrupt) buttons.

Boot Switch :4 Boot switch, config system to boot from Nandflash or SD card.

Serial Port : 4 serial ports: one 5-wire RS232 level serial port(DB9 female socket);

three 3-wire TTL level serial ports(20pin 2.0mm pitch connector)

Ethernet : 1x 100M Ethernet jack, DM9000AE, with connection and data transfer indicators.

USB HOS:T 1x 1.1 USB Host interface

USB OTG: 1x 2.0 USB slave interface

SD Card :1x high-speed SD card slot

WI-FI :1x WIFI port

Audio : 2x 3.5mm standard stereo audio sockets:1 green audio output jack to connect earphone,1 pink Mic input jack to connect microphone

LCD :Support 4-wire resistive touch screen.

CVBS:1-ch CVBS output interface(PAL / NTSC).

Camera:1x CMOS camera interface(10*2 pin, 2mm pitch connector), support ITU-RBT601/656 8-bit mode.

RTC :Built-in real time clock with back-up battery to keep time on when power off.

JTAG:1x JTAG interface, 10*2 pin connector

Temperature Sensor:One 1-wire digital temperature sensor interface(DS18B20 module optional).

Infrared Interface :1x Infrared interface


Buzzer :1x Buzzer

Expansion Port:2x SPI, 2x DA, 38x GPIO, 7x Interrupt port, 8 x AD, IIC Interface.

Beside stable hardware resources, OK6410-B board also supports Wince, Linux and android OS for customers’ selection.

Now you only need to pay 85USD to get one board, with serial cable, power adapters packed together. What’s more, lot of drivers, source codes and hardware datasheets, schematics, etc are provided for your reference.

Any questions if you have, please feel free to contact with would be replied asap.