Polaris Networks and Public Wireless Announce Successful Completion of IOT between their NetEPC (LTE EPC) and Mugu LTE Small Cell

Polaris Networks, a leading provider of LTE EPC software solutions to Public Safety, Rural Operators and Defense Projects and, Public Wireless, Inc. a leader in providing small cell eNodeB wireless technology that solves coverage and capacity problems for mobile operators, today announced the successful completion of inter- operability tests between the Polaris' LTE Packet Core, NetEPC(tm) and Public Wireless' LTE Small Cell, Mugu(tm). This will enable the companies to deliver an end-to-end LTE Network solution.

The Polaris NetEPC™ is a compact EPC-in-a-box solution (EPC Lite) which combines all the key elements of the EPC packet core – the MME, the SGW and the PGW along with the HSS, PCRF, OCS and OFCS into a single platform. The Public Wireless Mugu™ is an eNodeB for indoor enterprise, outdoor metro/urban and outdoor rural/remote markets. Mugu’s SoC technology is based upon the latest baseband and RF chip technologies on the marketplace today. The successful completion of the IOT between the two products now enables both the companies to offer a complete LTE Solution, comprising of the RAN and the EPC, to Mobile Network Operators (MNO's) , System Integrators, Public Sectors (Government, Military, Utilities, Transportation, Mining) and Public Safety (FirstNet, Municipalities).

The Polaris’ NetEPC and Public Wireless’ Mugu can be used for example, in a system-on- wheels deployment scenario in the Public Safety domain. And thus system integrators can provide an end-to-end LTE Network which needs to be driven to emergency locations.

“Polaris’ collaboration with Public Wireless is an important achievement to further establish NetEPC’s adherence to 3GPP standards and compatibility with eNodeBs of multiple vendors, and after the successful completion of this IOT and strengthening our partnership, we have more options to offer end-to-end solution for a LTE Network”, said Aditya Saraf, VP, Sales and Marketing, Polaris Networks. “This eNodeB and EPC solution is ready to be deployed in mobile

operator networks, public sector and public safety networks. We look forward to work with Public Wireless jointly to serve these markets.”

“Public Wireless, Inc. can now leverage its portfolio of eNodeB’s to enable operators and SI’s the ability to deploy small cell networks for capacity offload, enhanced edge coverage for MNO’s, and turnkey vertical market’s (i.e., utilities, mining, transportation, oil & gas)” said Len Eisenstein, VP Sales, Public Wireless, Inc. “This partnership enables Public Wireless, Inc. the opportunity to participate in the evolving virtualization of the EPC with our eNodeB platforms.”

About Polaris Networks

Polaris Networks is a leading provider of Carrier-grade software solutions and Test tools for LTE. These solutions are used world-wide by equipment manufacturers, operators and research labs. The Functional Testers and Emulator tools are used by TEMS and operators for testing eNodeB, MME, S-GW, PDN-GW, PCRF and other LTE nodes for protocol/feature conformance, scalability, and load/stress.

For more information, visit www.polarisnetworks.net

About Public Wireless

Public Wireless, Inc. is a leader in the eNodeB LTE marketplace with its best of breed EPC support, flexible spectrum support for all major Bands worldwide, NMS and SON support.

For more information, visit www.publicwireless.com/