Quadros Systems supports powerful new Atmel SAM9 microcontrollers

RTXC(tm) RTOS, communications stacks and development tools provide a one-stop software solution for these high performance ARM-based processors from Atmel

Houston, TX – August 17, 2009 — Continuing its focus on ARM®-based processors, Quadros Systems, Inc., a leading provider of real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced support for the AT91SAM9G20 and SM9XE microcontrollers (MCUs) from Atmel. Developers can now combine the efficiency and scalability of the RTXC software family with the flexibility and performance of SAM9 family.

Quadros Systems’ offers one-stop development and run-time solutions for Atmel SAM9 microcontrollers combining RTXC RTOS and integrated software with MDK-ARM development tools from Keil, an ARM company. This integrated and supported solution from Quadros Systems gives developers a single point of contact for high quality tools and foundational software. Integrated software solutions design tools, 10/100 Ethernet software, USB software, CAN support, high performance file systems and LCD/graphics software. Known for its efficiency, high performance and small footprint, the RTXC family of software from Quadros provides an easy-to-use, flexible solution for the Atmel SAM9 platform.

The growing family of SAM9 series of ARM926-based Flash microcontrollers from Atmel provide great flexibility and performance for embedded systems with a balance of on- and off-chip memory, multiple on- and off-chip busses and DMA for data transfer. The AT91SAM9G is a pin-compatible evolution of the AT91SAM9260. The 9G20 has clock speeds up to 400 MHz and four times the cache and on-chip SRAM memory. The AT91SAM9XE offers 200-MIPS performance with up to 512K bytes of high-performance on-chip Flash, delivering unrivalled combination of performance and functionality on a single chip. These devices also offer an excellent complement of networking/connectivity options including on-chip USB 2.0, 10/100 an Ethernet, MMI/SD interface.

“Our customers continue to look to Atmel for ARM-based flash microcontrollers because they offer the right combination of features, performance, memory and price,” said Stephen Martin, vice president, sales and marketing for Quadros Systems. “The recent SAM9 products have been very popular because of their higher clock speeds and additional on-chip memory.”

About Quadros, Systems, Inc.

Quadros Systems, Inc. (www.quadros.com) develops and markets RTXC technology, bringing together RTOS, hardware and software professionals into one development team to provide innovative technology that maximizes real-time responsiveness and eases the development process for customers. The RTXC RTOS family is complemented by VisualRTXC, an easy-to-use, powerful design tool that allows the developer to rapidly move between design concepts and generated C code. In addition to the RTXC RTOS family, Quadros Systems offers a wide range of communications stacks and middleware including RTXCusb (RTOS-agnostic USB stacks and drivers) and RTXCflashfile (a high performance file system for resident flash devices). RTXC products have been deployed worldwide in hundreds of millions of embedded systems, serving markets such as communications, medical, and industrial automation. For more information, contact Quadros Systems, Inc. at 1-832-351-2830, Quadros Systems Europe at +49 (0) 8807-94350 or visit www.quadros.com/products.

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