RapiTime Code Analysis Tool Gets Eclipsed

RapiTime 1.3 version to be demonstrated at UK Embedded System Show

Rapita Systems have announced that their acclaimed software analysis tool RapiTime has undergone a number of significant updates, a key feature being that RapiTime is now integrated with the industry standard Eclipse IDE. Rapita's state-of-the-art RapiTime worst-case execution time analysis solution has enjoyed a great deal of success and recognition since its inception and the additional features are expected to broaden its appeal amongst embedded software developers.

The new RapiTime 1.3 version includes full Eclipse based RapiTime report visualisation, fast display of very large reports, integration with standard C Eclipse based source code editor and source code worst-case path colourisation, along with a number of other new features. Rapita's ambition for RapiTime version 1.3 was to enhance usability and also to make RapiTime more easily integrated into existing development environments.

"The RapiTime Eclipse report plug-in makes integration of RapiTime with other tools very easy," said Dr. Guillem Bernat, CEO of Rapita Systems Ltd. "It also provides greater flexibility in presenting and manipulating timing data. We are confident the new RapiTime will be appreciated by engineers working to develop responsive and reliable code."

Other features that contribute to the new RapiTime are customisable report tables, improved support for RTOS integration, support for logic analyser based tracing and improved display and handling of execution time profiles. In the UK, RapiTime is sold through European embedded systems tools specialist, , who will be exhibiting the Rapita toolset at the Embedded Systems Show.

"The RapiTime product has been exciting for us," said Stuart Parker. "It's proven to be best in its class and the new features will certainly put it further ahead in its field. RapiTime is saving some of our customers a lot of development time and energy, and helping to create far more robust embedded software. It's proving to be a product that can really make a difference."

SDC can be found on stand 520 and will also be exhibiting a range of embedded development products that include embedded from MontaVista, embedded BIOS solutions from General Software and embedded GUI tools from Tilcon.

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Rapita Systems Ltd. is a specialist in the worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis and simulation of real-time embedded systems for the avionics, automotive and telecommunications markets. Its innovative RapiTime product makes Rapita Systems the leader in measurement based on-target WCET analysis solutions. www.rapitasystems.com

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