Sage Electronic Engineers hires Drew Jensen Formerly of Intel

This week Sage Electronic Engineering announced Drew Jensen, formally of Intel's Internet of Things Group, as their new vice president of global business development.

Longmont, CO. – –Sage Electronic Engineering, a leading provider of open source firmware solutions for x86 embedded processing and network solutions, has named Drew Jensen vice president of global business development. In this role, Jensen will be responsible for accelerating the company’s international sales.

“We would be hard pressed to find a more qualified individual at this point in our company’s history, with exponential growth in our core markets, to lead our international efforts,” said Scott Hoot, president and CEO of Sage. “We firmly believe that open source and open standards will pave the way in the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) markets, and that is precisely what Drew was facilitating at Intel. His expertise will be highly beneficial to our international clients as they navigate these markets.”

Prior to joining Sage, Jensen was the software strategic marketing manager for the IoT Group at Intel Corporation, where he drove the strategy and implementation of the Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP). The Intel FSP allowed Intel for the first time to enable open source system firmware solutions for Intel-based platforms, facilitating lower-cost BIOS alternatives to be developed in the market, and furthering the company’s foothold in the embedded and communications markets.

Sage Electronic Engineering is the development sponsor of the coreboot® Open Source project and has helped lead efforts to make the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) boot solutions available to x86 processors, the most powerful and flexible processors on the market today. As the IoT strives to connect billions of small computing devices – such as those monitoring homes, traffic, power grids and environmental conditions – with the Internet, creating the small footprint afforded by open source development is expected to radically affect how cost effective those devices become.

"The industry is clamoring for a viable BIOS alternative that can meet the need for customization, optimization and control, without sacrificing quality and stability, and without causing costs to skyrocket,” Jensen said. “The Sage team is well positioned to meet that need, with vast experience in marrying open source code bases with proprietary technology. Sage is making great traction in the US, and there is a huge opportunity to expand in international markets."

Intel and AMD, the long-time leaders in x86 chip manufacturing, are investing heavily to compete in emerging technologies such as the SDN market, which industry analysts IDC have forecasted will grow from virtually nothing in 2012 to $3.7 billion by 2016. IDC forecasts that the IoT and the technology ecosystem surrounding it will be an $8.9 trillion market in 2020.

About Sage Electronic Engineering

Longmont, Colorado-based Sage Electronic Engineering helps customers around the globe achieve fully customized open source solutions for both Intel and AMD x86 processors through SageBIOSTM, a coreboot® distribution. Sage also provides embedded developers with design resources to succeed in open source development including board support packages (BSPs) to help customers optimize boot code, build better products, and bring them to market faster. For more information, visit