Schroff COM carrier and complete system

Modular COM carrier for COM Express type 6 modules

Schroff COM Carrier
Schroff COM Carrier

STRAUBENHARDT – Pentair, a global leader in protecting critical processes, people and the environment, has developed a modular standard COM (Computer On Module) carrier from its trusted Schroff brand for type 6 COM express modules. COM Express modules, standardized by PICMG, support the latest signals such as HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 & 3.0 and PCI Express. Pentair also offers a complete Schroff solution based on the standard COM carrier including a COM module, hard drive and more in an Interscale C case with cooling and power supply. Customers can receive a completely integrated solution from a single source and can focus on their own value add such as software.

The design of the COM modules reduces development costs and saves time. The actual computer is on the standardized COM module. All I/O interfaces are provided on the Schroff carrier board. For new product development, this means standardized COM modules from different manufacturers can be used along with either the standard or a customized Schroff COM carrier from Pentair.

The new standard Schroff COM carrier uses the µATX form factor with an edge length of 244 mm x 244 mm. The modular design of the carrier is notable as it provides common computer interfaces and features slots for various expansion boards that can add additional functions as required. Expansion boards are inserted parallel to the carrier and include additional features such as a MiniPCI Express interfaces for connecting graphics cards, hard drives or wireless modules. Other expansion boards include a postcode module for debugging hardware and software, a prototype module for integrating additional functions using the GPIOs of the COM module or fieldbus modules for connecting to industry fieldbuses. Additionally, Pentair provides an interface for a PMC or an XMC module using these kinds of expansion boards. These modules are used in CompactPCI or VPX applications to integrate additional functions such as processing independent IO signals using FPGA. This also makes it possible to implement two-processor designs in safety-critical applications. The modular COM carrier also gives customers a tool to test the functionality of their own application in the laboratory in advance or deploy their product based on the Schroff standard Carrier when having only small production batches. Pentair also handles customer-specific carrier design and manufacturing for larger batch production.

The complete Schroff COM solution leverages the Interscale-C enclosure, providing a flexible small case where the height, width and depth can also be adapted for customer-specific solutions. The COM module cooling plate defined in the specifications is connected directly to a corresponding heat sink through a cutout in the case top cover in order to provide efficient heat dissipation. The cutout in the case is sealed tightly using EMC textile gaskets. A power management plug-in board is placed in one corner of the COM carrier as the power supply for the COM module (12 V, 5 V, 3,3, V and 1,5 V) and possible expansion boards. This board generates the necessary voltage from an upstream, internal or external AC or DC power supply.

The main areas of application for standard Schroff COM carriers are in industrial automation, kiosk applications, test and measurement as well as in the area of rail technology.

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