TenAsys partner Danaher Motion Announces Integration with INTime and Recently Released Motion Programming Interface MPI Library

The TenAsys real-time plus Windows platform, INtime, can now be leveraged by the new Motion Programming Interface (MPI) library, Version 6.0 from Danaher Motion. Providing users with a high-performance motion control library for their embedded applications.

Beaverton, OR – February 17, 2009 – TenAsys Corporation (www.tenasys.com), a leading provider of real-time OS and virtualization software technology, today announced that its INtime RTOS for Windows has been integrated with Danaher Motion's newly released Motion Programming Interface (MPI) library, Version 4.0. This technology platform now gives users a high-performance motion control library for their embedded applications that use the real-time INtime plus Windows environment.

MPI is the lowest-latency and most flexible C/C++ programmable motion control library on the market, turning standard Intel-based computers into a real-time, high-performance robotic controllers. A perfect fit for the INtime RTOS for Windows, as both MPI and INtime are seamlessly integrated with the industry standard Microsoft Visual Studio development environment.

"The use of MPI version 4.0 with the INtime RTOS gives our customers a way to build systems that require complex motion profiling and tight I/O synchronization on a Windows system," says Dusty Schafer, Manager, Software Engineering with Danaher. "When used with our powerful Motion Console/Motion Scope optimization tools, system developers have a familiar, flexible and open programming suite for building a better machine, faster," he continued.

With INtime on a multi core processor, the OPC UA communication stack and associated OPC server can run on dedicated cores. Unified Automation’s OPC UA plus INtime allows users to operate their OPC UA server deterministically on a network-attached embedded x86 PC, where the INtime RTOS runs standalone, or on an INtime RTOS "local node" running alongside Microsoft Windows.

With access to Unified Automation’s OPC UA SDK on the TenAsys INtime RTOS, the need for Windows-based OPC servers is reduced because developers can now integrate the OPC server directly into the embedded node, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of OPC systems and simultaneously improving their reliability.

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About Danaher Motion

For over 60 years, Danaher Motions innovative technologies have been revolutionizing the motion control industry through trusted brand names such as Kollmorgen, Thomson, Dover and Portescap. As the industry’s leading global manufacturer of electromagnetic and mechanical motion control solutions, Danaher Motion products help OEM’s build a better machine, faster in industries such as aviation, medical, robotics, semiconductor, electric vehicles and packaging.

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