TI's updated Stellaris(r) EVALBOT opens the door for more flexibility and fun with microcontrollers and robotics

New mini-robot evaluation platform for TI's Stellaris ARM(r) Cortex(tm)-M3 microcontrollers provides more tool and software options to facilitate experimentation and development

AUSTIN, Texas, April 5, 2011 – Arming developers with more software and tool options, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today announced the availability of its newest Stellaris microcontroller (MCU) Robotic Evaluation Platform (EVALBOT). The new mini-robot platform within TI’s embedded processing portfolio provides developers the flexibility to choose from a variety of software tool chains so they can fully access the features of the Stellaris Cortex-M3 MCU in their preferred environment. The updated Stellaris EVALBOT is also preloaded with a StellarisWare® application, and the kits now include more example projects in source code, including a demo that enables developers to more easily experiment with the kit’s expansion port that supports TI wireless evaluation modules. With EVALBOT, developers can experience the Stellaris MCU in a real-world application that leverages the processor's integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY, USB On-The-Go, CAN, and motion control capabilities. For more information, go to www.ti.com/evalbot-2-pr-tf or for a video overview, go to www.ti.com/evalbot-2-pr-v.

Stellaris EVALBOT features and benefits (EK-EVALBOT)

• 80 MHz Stellaris LM3S9B92 MCU with 256K flash, 96K SRAM, StellarisWare® software in ROM, as well as integrated Ethernet, USB On-the-Go (OTG)/Host/Device and CAN

• Multiple tool chains supported, including Keil MDK-ARM, IAR EWARM, TI Code Composer Studio, Code Red Technologies Red Suite, CodeSourcery SourceryG++ and generic GNU

• Example display, audio and motor control software projects based on the extensive StellarisWare code base for putting concepts into practice

• Expansion port supports TI wireless modules and end customer extensions

• Chronos-SimpliciTI demo software enables wireless control of the robotic platform when coupled with TI’s CC1101EM Low-Power RF module and eZ430-Chronos watch

• Two DC gear-motors provide drive and steering, opto-sensors that detect wheel rotation with 45 degree resolution, and sensors for "bump" detection

• TI motor drivers, voltage regulators, audio codec, interface and logic devices for easy evaluation of the complete signal chain

• Bright 96 x 6 blue OLED display and on-board speaker

• Debugging requires only a single USB cable (included)

TI's broad portfolio of MCUs and software

From general purpose, ultra-low power MSP430™ MCUs, to Stellaris ARM Cortex-M-based 32-bit MCUs and high performance, real-time control TMS320C2000™ MCUs, TI offers the broadest range of microcontroller solutions. Designers can accelerate time to market by tapping into TI's complete embedded processing software and hardware tools, extensive third-party offerings and technical support.

Pricing and availability

The Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board is priced at $149 US and can be purchased at www.ti.com/evalbot-2-pr-es.

Find out more about TI's Stellaris EVALBOT and MCUs:

• Stellaris EVALBOT: www.ti.com/evalbot-2-pr-tf

• EVALBOT video overview: www.ti.com/evalbot-2-pr-v

• Stellaris LM3S9B92 MCU: www.ti.com/evalbot-2-b92-pr-pf

• Stellaris wireless kits: www.ti.com/evalbot-2-wireless-pr-tf

• Stellaris MCUs: www.ti.com/evalbot-2-stellaris-pr-lp

• TI's microcontrollers: www.ti.com/evalbot-2-mcu-pr-lp

• TI eStore (EVALBOT): www.ti.com/evalbot-2-bot-pr-es

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