Toradex Announce Further SPI and CAN Support

Horw, Switzerland, 07/11/2012 -- Toradex have announced further SPI and CAN support in their Windows CE Libraries.

“We have added two new libraries for Windows CE in support of customers using products from our Colibri PXA and T20 Computer on Module families.” Said a Toradex spokesperson.

SPIDMALib provides for communication through the on-chip SPI interfaces at speeds of up to 26Mhz for the PXA and up to 54Mhz for the T20 with DMA support for bi-directional data transfer. The API for this library can be found here:[...].

CAN-MCP2515Lib provides for communication to the MCP2515 stand-alone CAN Controller at up to 10Mhz via SPI. The MCP2515 provides for up to 1Mb/s CAN V2.0B communication with two receive buffers with prioritised message storage, six 29-bit filters, two 29-bit masks, and three transmit buffers. The API for this library can be found here:[...].

About Toradex

Founded in Switzerland, today the Toradex network stretches across the world. Its direct sales model and local service approach puts Toradex in regular contact with more than 3,000 customers around the globe. Toradex supplies embedded computer modules for demanding applications and offers premium support service to help its customers rapidly bring product to market. Toradex’s strategic vision and long term orientation makes it the company of choice for ambitious and creative people.

Toradex products are deployed within a diverse range of markets and industries. Typical industries include: automotive, medical devices, laboratory equipment, point of sales, gaming machines, navigation systems, musical instruments, machine control, virtual reality simulation, digital signage, traffic control systems, building automation, security systems, robotics, process control and auto pilots.

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