Visual Numerics Announces Support for Intel Visual Fortran 10.0 Compiler For Windows and Accelerated Fortran Application Development

Visual Numerics' IMSL Fortran Library 6.0 and Intel Visual Fortran 10.0 Compiler for Windows now facilitate computational and high performance application development for Fortran developers.

HOUSTON, TX – Visual Numerics, Inc., a leading producer of advanced numerical analysis and visualization software, today announced the release of the IMSL Fortran Numerical Library Version 6.0 for the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler. The extensive set of numerical algorithms in the IMSL Fortran Numerical Library combined with the Intel Visual Fortran 10.0 Compiler for Windows provides a complete solution for Fortran developers requiring high end mathematics and statistics such as numerical optimization, random number generation, and forecasting, as well as greater high performance coverage on Intel's multi-core processors for application development.

The IMSL Fortran Library is used in a wide variety of application areas including life sciences, financial engineering, and physical sciences. “I have used IMSL in nuclear structure theory research focusing on the interplay between single particle and collective effects in relation to the low-energy behavior of atomic nuclei,” states Dr. Eugene Marshalek, Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Physics at the University of Notre Dame. “I rely on a variety of IMSL functions from areas such as nonlinear systems, eigensystems, linear equations, numerical optimization and elliptic integrals for the complex calculations required in my research.”

The IMSL Fortran Numerical Library and Intel Visual Fortran Professional compiler are available in a single package that includes support for all Intel processor technologies including the Intel® Core™ 2 processor family, the Intel® Xeon® processor family, and the Itanium® 2 processors.

“We're committed to helping Intel customers reap the most value from their hardware system investments,” said James Reinders, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Intel Software Development Products. “By offering the latest Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows and the Intel® Math Kernel Library with the IMSL Fortran Library, we're offering Fortran developers a great solution to meet their needs.”

New features for this release of the IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 6.0 include:

· Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL) Integration – optimized dense linear algebra routines from Intel MKL provide a substantial performance boost to IMSL Fortran Library functions enabling developers to maximize their performance on Intel processor-based machines

· A new state-of-the-art dense linear programming algorithm

· LAPACK and ScaLAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage) Integration – gives users easy access to SMP-enabled and MPI-enabled algorithms, and allows them to write parallel code without needing to know parallel programming

· Mersenne Twister random number generator technique

· SuperLU for Sparse Linear Algebra

“For the last 10 years, Visual Numerics and Intel have offered best-in-class computational solutions to the IMSL developer community,” said Phil Fraher, president and CEO of Visual Numerics. “With Intel Visual Fortran Pro IMSL Edition, we're giving Fortran developers the most complete and powerful Fortran-based library solution available on Intel's multi-core processors.”


Intel Visual Fortran Pro IMSL Edition is available today. For more information, call 800-222-4675 or 713-784-3131 or email

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