WolfSSL Now With ChaCha20 and Poly1305

wolfSSL, CyaSSL now has incorporated the fast and highly secure ChaCha20 and Poly1305.

Bozeman, Montana -- wolfSSL, the leading Open Source SSL/TLS security company, recently added the new ChaCha20 and Poly1305 ciphers to the CyaSSL library. Along with the addition of the two ciphers, wolfSSL also added the ability to use them together in an AEAD suite over SSL/TLS connections. This again proves why wolfSSL is the undisputed heavyweight champion of incorporating new and advanced high throughput security in SSL/TLS.

Both ciphers were chosen because of their speed, security, and efficiency. They were invented by the well known cryptography expert, Daniel Bernstein, who has a great track record of making secure ciphers. The ChaCha20 cipher is a variation on his Salsa20, a cipher known for its speed and security. The biggest difference between the two is that ChaCha20 has added more diffusion to the process, actually increasing security on what was already a secure cipher while not slowing it down. Poly1305 has been shown to be more secure than the commonly used HMAC (cr.yp.to/mac.html), while having the added bonus of also being faster than HMAC.

CyaSSL is known for its small footprint size and fast speeds. wolfSSL as a company is focused on improving the users experience. Using these ciphers increases the speed at which CyaSSL can encrypt/decrypt messages sent across SSL/TLS connections while not compromising, but rather improving security. Experienced employees, security feature set, and small footprint size are a few of the reasons companies looking to add security with SSL/TLS connections choose wolfSSL for their most demanding projects.

About wolfSSL Founded in 2004, wolfSSL is a dual licensed, open source and commercial company. WolfSSL provides high end security, while also having a small enough footprint to be perfect for embedded systems.

For more information, please visit www.wolfSSL.com.